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Imagine the ideal cable TV for your life style programming that entertains you, informs you, and lets you unwind Home Cable provides you with the very best in home entertainment, information and communication. Ever since our company was formed, we have been at the forefront of technology, striving to make life more enjoyable and less complicated for the communities we serve. From our local employees to our corporate executives we strive to keep pace with a changing world.

Home Cable can take care of all your TV and internet needs. Our digital cable and high speed online offers unparallel value, providing the maximum in choice, quality, convenience and affordability.

Home Cable owns and manages one of the most advanced cable systems in Delhi. Serving around 68000 customers, we offer cutting edge technology, the richest range of home entertainment and information choices for the whole family to enjoy and superior value that demonstrates that customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

When you connect to home cable you connect to something more. You don't just choose a premier cable TV and internet service provider; you connect to people committed to helping you to get the most out of your communication, information and entertainment experiences. We do this through constant innovation.


  • At Home Cable customer care is our top concern. That is why we provide a variety of ways for you to find answers to your questions, make payments or give the technical support you need. We are available to serve you at any of our service areas during extended business hours. To give outstanding customer service we have the following policies -
  • On time guarantee:- to solidify our commitment towards customer satisfaction, home cable has introduced on time guarantee. If late for an installation appointment its FREE. If late for a service call, you get Rs. 5 credit.
  • Maintenance – home cable uses the best electronic equipment and workmanship available to provide our valued customers with reliable service and high quality picture and sound. To constantly provide crystal clear reception, our technicians periodically test and occasionally repair the cable TV delivery equipment through out the cable system.
  • Adult at home policy- Company policy is that our installers and technicians WILL NOT enter your home to perform any work if a responsible adult is not present. We realize this may cause an inconvenience for some of our customers, but we feel this policy is essential to protect both you and our employees.
  • EQUIPMENT AND HOME WIRING- home cable will repair/replace the equipment and wirings used to provide cable service. (Charges applicable)

View Our Consumer's Charter for DAS (Digital Addressable Cable TV System)


  1. Basic Service Tier (BST)- include

  2. Pay TV Services on (DAS) includes major Hindi and English Pay TV Channels
    • Sports channels like- STAR SPORTS, TEN SPORTS and ESPN .....
    • Movie channels like- STAR MOVIES, STAR GOLD, HBO .....
    • Children's channel- CARTOON NETWORK, POGO , DISNEY , HUNGAMA TV .....
    • Informative channels like- NAT GEO, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, HISTORY CHANNEL .....
    • News channels like- CNN, CNBC,CNN-IBN, NDTV PROFIT...
    • Viewers favorite, Hindi Entertainment- STAR PLUS, STAR ONE, SET, ZEE TV .....
    • Viewer's favorite, English Entertainment- STAR WORLD, ZEE CAFE .....
    • Children's channel- CARTOON NETWORK, POGO , DISNEY , HUNGAMA TV .....
    • Informative channels like- NAT GEO, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, HISTORY CHANNEL .....
    • News channels like- CNN, CNBC,CNN-IBN, NDTV PROFIT...
These Pay TV Channels are available in Packages/ Bouquets and also A la carte



  • Initial installation charge
  • Fixed monthly basic subscription fee payable Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly
  • For Pay Channels on CAS, STB Deposit and and Rs. 5 per month per pay channel you choose
  • Service Tax @ 12.36% on the above Monthly subscription fee
  • Entertainment tax Rs 20/- month for residential customers and Rs 50/- month for commercial outlets, Hotels and Guest Houses

    For additional service like installation of additional outlets, rewiring or relocation of additional TV outlets customer has to pay an additional one time charge and a monthly additional outlet charge.

    Here we would like to mention that Home Cable pays a fee to the copyright owners for the programs/films shown on the locally originating Home Cable, Home Movies and Home Cinema channel('s). We are also required to enter into a separate Interconnect agreement with each pay TV channels broadcaster / Channel aggregators and pay a monthly fee on per subscriber/ customer basis to provide their content /services. At Home Cable we believe in giving as much choice as possible to each customer, but certain contractual provisions prohibit us in making all channels available in our package.