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Advertising on cable TV is a unique and effective way to inform, motivate, and persuade audiences about your business, product or services .Today cable advertising is a powerful tool with the ability to target customers both demographically and geographically. By targeting only the customers you are trying to reach you will increase the effectiveness of your advertising. Thus getting more value for the money you spent. Increasing the visibility of your business is vital to success that is why Home Cable along with its media partners, is dedicated to delivering successful media solutions for the advertisers.

Once a sleepy business local cable advertising has become one of the fastest growing business in the media industry. Yet most of us don’t understand what cable advertising is or about its importance. So here are answers to some of the “frequently asked questions” regarding local cable TV advertising.

What is cable advertising?

Cable advertising can be broken into two categories:

  1. Network cable advertising- It consists of those commercials that are placed with a cable network directly by the advertiser. For example when an advertiser negotiates with STAR or ZEE CHANNELS directly for ad placement.
  2. Local cable advertising – Is also known as spot cable advertising. It consists of those commercials that are placed locally on various cable networks through an individual cable system operator. With spot cable advertising, marketers can pick and choose from various cable networks and different geographic locations covered by the cable system.

What Here we will be emphasizing on local or spot cable advertising; How it works, What are its advantages, What Home Cable can do to meet your advertising needs and How.

How local cable advertising works?
Most of the channels like ESPN, Star sports, ZEE, etc air national commercials of products and services that are sold in India or aboard. But these channels sometimes allow local commercials to be aired, meant for the local market.

During designated breaks, for example in between ESPN’s hourly programming schedule, the cable system inserts local commercials and re-transmits the ESPN signal to the subscribing homes in the market area. The viewers thus see these commercials which are embedded seamlessly into the ESPN schedule.

Pay channels like Star or ESPN allow local cable companies to air four to six commercials ( each of duration 30 seconds) everyday, giving local advertisers enough opportunities to reach the intended audience.

What are the advantages of local cable advertising?

  1. It allows precise targeting
      • by ethnicity
      • by demographic
      • by product usage
      • by geography
  2. Improves reach/frequency results
  3. Color, sound and visual excitement
  4. Reduces waste by concentrating advertisers message in areas representing most of goods and services purchased.
  5. Attracts new prospects. Cable television helps reach new viewers currently missed by other forms of media.
  6. It is cost efficient. With all the advantages of cable advertising outlined above you would think it would be very expensive- not true! It is an incredibly cost effective way to advertise. It is much less expensive than other forms of media and dispenses with the waste associated with reaching people not in your target area.

What can Home Cable do for advertisers? And how?

Home Cable can insert local commercials in the designated breaks between programs of major pay channels like ESPN & StarOne, Where we can air a maximum of six commercials per day of 30 second duration.
We can advertise your products and services on the company owned channel, which airs 24 hours of regular programming. It is worth mentioning that this channel is very popular among the home cable subscribers.

 We can effectively advertise your products and services in the following ways-

  1. Pre recorded commercials/ ads spot insertion in between the films or a program.
  2. Super- imposed text animation scroll displayed on the bottom of the screen of the Home Cable & Home Cinema channels. Computer generated screen animated slides displayed in between the programs.





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